Cherry Fork Farm Supply, Co.


Our History

Formally known as Adams County Landmark, our feed mill was purchased at public auction in 1983.  It was originally purchased by Ray and Garnette Hughes and operated under the name Hughes Feed & Farm Supply.  The family owned operation sold to a son Jeff Hughes and his brother-in-law, Spud Gustin in April 1997.  They changed the business name to Cherry Fork Farm Supply.

In 1997, they expanded the operation from a full-service feed mill to also include agronomy;  bulk fertilizer, seed, and chemicals.  In 2003, the agronomy portion of the business moved to a second location, Winchester Ag Service in Winchester, Ohio.

Over the years, Cherry Fork Farm Supply has expanded and remodeled to continue excellent service to our customers.  We are located at the intersection of State Route 136 and Decatur Pike in Cherry Fork, Ohio.


Cherry Fork Farm Supply
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Our History
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